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Web Services and Hosting FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding our web hosting services.

Web Hosting, Email and Domain Hosting Questions

Domain Name Questions

Billing Questions

Servers, Network and Datacenter Questions

Web Hosting, Email and Domain Hosting Questions

What is shared web hosting?

Shared web hosting also referred to as virtual web hosting is a brand of hosting services provided by a web host where many websites reside on the same physical servers. Virtual web hosting provides managed administration of the server and network environments. Virtual web hosting is generally the most economical solution to web hosting as all customers share the hardware costs rather than purchasing assets individually themselves.

What is dedicated IP web hosting?

IP based virtual hosting or dedicated IP web hosting is an extension of a virtual web hosting service where each individual website maintains its own unique IP address. There are several benefits to having your own dedicated IP address. The primary benefit of a dedicated IP address is the ability to use a private SSL certificate. More Information on Dedicated IP Web Hosting.

What is monthly bandwidth transfer?

Monthly bandwidth transfer is the amount of data incoming and outgoing that a server will allow your site to deliver each month. It is generally measured in gigabytes and is a total of all services used such as POP3, SMTP, FTP and web hosting combined.

How much monthly bandwidth transfer do I need?

You can estimate your monthly bandwidth requirements by multiplying the average page size of a webpage by the number of page hits you expect to receive in a one month period. For example, if you have an average page size of 30 KB and an average of 9000 page hits a month, you can expect an average monthly bandwidth usage of about 270 MB each month.

Are there any additional charges or overcharges for bandwidth over-usage?

Once a customer reaches their monthly bandwidth usage limit, there are given the choice to postpone their account for the remainder of the month or purchase additional bandwidth as an individual upgrade. Customers will not be billed for over-usage unless they have made a prearranged agreement or violated the Terms of Service openly.

Is there a way I can optimize my monthly bandwidth usage?

Yes, by optimizing your web pages and graphics as well as decreasing page load times, you can optimize your monthly bandwidth usage. Additionally, we also offer a specialized optimization tool from our control panel that compresses specified files to supporting browsers.

What is disk space? How much space is a gigabyte (GB)?

Disk space is the amount of data, files or content you can store physically on a hard drive. With 1 GB of our disk space, you could store thousands of pictures or hundreds of videos for access on the web.

What is an SSL certificate? Do I need an SSL certificate?

A secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate provides secure communications (https) for websites such as e-commerce websites to handle sensitive information or financial transactions. An SSL certificate is recommended if you plan to accept sensitive form data or e-commerce transactions from your website.

How much does an SSL certificate cost?

We offer exceptionally low SSL certificate prices from the respected Certificate Authority of GeoTrust. We offer several solutions depending upon the level of e-commerce you wish to participate at. More information on SSL certificate prices can be found by contacting us directly.

What is PHP and ASP? What programming language should I use?

PHP and ASP are two types of program scripting languages embedded into HTML and suited for web development. Each language has its own individual benefits and uses. More information on PHP and ASP.

Do you offer database support? What is MySQL?

Yes, currently we offer MySQL services as well as the SQLite engine. MySQL is a multi-user SQL database management system (DBMS) which is a popular database engine for web applications. More information on MySQL.

Should I use Unix (Linux, BSD) Hosting or Windows Hosting?

This depends upon the requirements of each individual customer. If your site requires access to such applications such as ASP, MS Access or other windows only applications than we would recommend pursuing windows hosting. However, please note your choice of hosting platform is NOT dependent upon what type of desktop operating system you are currently using. Unix based hosting systems can provide more stability and affordable pricing than Windows hosting. Each hosting type has its own individual benefits and uses.

Why can’t I just host my website on my home computer with DSL?

Although this is possible, it is not recommended. All ISP customers should first be aware of the legal aspect of the consequences of web hosting from their home computers. Most service providers have Terms of Service clauses that you have agreed to by using their service that forbids providing any type of servers from their internet connection. Secondly, if you wish to provide dedicated access to your site, the benefits of a hosting company and a small monthly fee can far outweigh the nuisance of problems that will present themselves otherwise. With professional web hosting comes high performance hardware as well as multi-tier 1 bandwidth providers as well as 24/7 dedicated support and a vast collection of web hosting tools that make life just a little bit sweeter.

Why do some web hosting companies offer unlimited disk space?

Some hosting providers offer unlimited disk space at extremely low costs to draw in customers who are unaware of the finite capabilities of any hosting provider. As appealing as the word unlimited may appear, it is not possible to offer unlimited disk space as all servers have these limits. This has become a popular business tactic amongst the hosting communities as the consumer is unaware of the costs and limits associated with web hosting. These hosting providers usually cover their dishonesty with a Terms of Service clause that prevents the customer from using excessive resources and usually results in the suspension or termination of the account without warning.

What is overselling and why do some web hosting companies oversell?

Overselling is very similar to the unlimited disk space tactic. Some hosting providers will offer an enormous amount of disk space or monthly bandwidth in attempt to snare unaware customers that are oblivious to the costs and limits associated with hardware and web hosting. It is common to see web hosts provide 5 TB of disk space and 15,000 GB of monthly bandwidth. They offer preposterous amounts of capabilities at extremely low prices while sacrificing the capabilities of all their customers. These hosting providers usually cover their dishonesty with a Terms of Service clause that prevents the customer from using excessive resources and usually results in the suspension or termination of the account without warning.

Why shouldn’t I just buy the cheapest web hosting package I can find?

Have you ever heard the saying, “You get what you pay for”? This is true amongst the web hosting community. By paying an incredibly low bargain price, you may be forfeiting capabilities to 24/7 support, premium hardware and network environments as well as community web hosting tools and utilities that save you hundreds of hours of development work.

What is Third Generation's SLA Uptime Policy?

At Third Generation we provide our customers with a 100% Uptime Guarantee. If we fail to provide our customers with a 100% server or network uptime we will credit our customer’s account for the downtime. For more information regarding our Uptime Policy please review our Service Level Agreement as well as our Guarantee Policy.

Do you offer email hosting with web hosting packages?

Yes, all web hosting packages include email hosting support as well anti-virus and spam protections.

What email protocols does your network and servers support?

We provide webmail services as well as POP3, SMTP and IMAP services. We also provide secure email protocols as well. Our email services are compliant and tested with 99.9% of all email software clients.

Do you provide large attachment support for email?

Yes, our email services support large file attachments up to 25 MB in size.

Do you offer a simplified web hosting solution such as a control panel?

Yes, we currently offer cPanel as a web hosting solution for all hosting customers. Our hosting control panel provides webmasters with all the tools they require to create an impressive web presence as well as simplifying their daily administration tasks.

Do you offer FTP support?

Yes, all web hosting services currently support FTP as well as SFTP (Secure FTP) services.

Domain Name Questions

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an establishment of a unique identity on the Internet. Domain names provide a memorable name that others will more easily recognize that refers to a numeric IP address. Every domain name ends in a top-level domain (TLD) such as .com, .net or .org.

I would like my own domain name, how do I register a domain name?

A domain name is a great way to establish your own unique identity on the web. You may purchase a domain name through us at any time. During the checkout procedure you’ll be given the chance to register a new domain name of your choice, or if you are already a customer, you may purchase a new domain name through the Client Support Center at any time. And as a great bonus! We also now offer a free domain name with all new qualifying hosting packages!

I already have my own domain name, can you host it?

Yes, we provide several different capabilities to host your already registered domain names. If you so choose, you may transfer your domain name to our registrar for simplified administration or choose to point your domain to our nameservers and use our simplified managed DNS services. We also provide free domain transfers for qualifying new customers.

How do I transfer a domain name from another hosting provider?

Prior to requesting a domain name transfer, there are a few requirements that most registrars will require you to meet before they will process your request to transfer to a new registrar.

1. Before submitting a domain name transfer request, please check the accuracy of the information listed in the WHOIS Database for your domain.

2. To accept and receive the proper authorization and security codes, you must be listed as the Administrative Contact for the transferring domain.

3. As the Administrative Contact for the domain, you should have access to the email address listed as a contact point in the WHOIS Database. Most registrars will send a confirmation email to this address.

4. The domain name must be older than 60 days. Registrars are unable to transfer domain names unless they have been registered for more than 60 days.

5. Ensure your domain is not in a Registrar-Lock or Hold status. Some registrars automatically place your domain in a Registrar-Lock status for security purposes. Contact your registrar to remove the domain’s status. Or if you have access to the domain’s management settings, remove the status.

6. Verify your domain is not currently expired. We recommend transferring domains prior to the 14 day expiration date. All transferring domains, non-expired, receive an automatic 1 year renewal at the time of transfer.

All .com, .net, .org, and .us top-level-domains (TLD) require a security authorization code (EPP Key) before any gaining or losing registrar may attempt to transfer the domain. You can obtain an EPP Key by contacting your current registrar. The EPP Key is generally delivered by confirmation email to the listed Administrative Contact’s email address listed in the WHOIS Database.

To access the information listed in the WHOIS Database for your domain, you must have modification rights to the domain or be listed as an Administrative Contact, Billing Contact or Technical Contact before you can update the listed information. Please contact your current registrar’s support department if you need assistance.

Can I switch hosting providers without transferring my domain?

Yes, to switch web hosting providers without the aggravation of switching domain registrars, we fully support external domain DNS requests. At purchase, you are given the choice to purchase a new domain, transfer an existing domain or use an external domain elsewhere.

At signup, you will receive a confirmation email from Third Generation Internet Services that lists our network’s Nameservers (NS) and DNS information. To use this information, you must have modification rights to the domain or be listed as an Administrative Contact, Billing Contact or Technical Contact before you can update the domain’s DNS servers.

Do you offer a Free Domain Name? How do I get one?

Yes, we include a free domain name for one year with select new web hosting packages. You will have the option to include your free domain during the checkout procedure. (Valid with the .com, .net, and .org domains only. Requires a minimum of a three month purchase.) Just select your preferred domain name if it is available on all qualified hosting packages during checkout, and our automated billing interface will do the work for you.

Billing Questions

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards as well as PayPal.

Do you accept money orders or personal checks?

Yes, on a special case-by-case basis we will accept money orders or checks from game hosting customers only. Please contact our sales department if you wish to consider this payment method.

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes, we currently accept PayPal.

Do you provide automated billing support?

Yes, we provide an advanced and secure automated billing support system. Our billing support system presents our customers with the capability to fully manage their accounts and all personal information.

Do you offer automatic upgrades and downgrades as well as partial account upgrades?

Yes, our automated billing system provides the capability to all customers to upgrade or downgrade their service as well as support individual upgrades and add-on services.

What is the Transfer Assistance service?

We understand that switching hosting providers can be a difficult and demanding task, that is why Third Generation Hosting will help simplify this process for you. Our support department will migrate your websites, domains, files, images and MySQL databases for you while you worry about more import matters.

What is the Terms of Service Agreement?

The Terms of Service Agreement is the conditions by which the provider and customer agree to abide by to use our Services.

Servers, Network and Datacenter Questions

What is your network speed? Can I test your network latency?

We provide a high-quality 1Gbit public network connection per server, hosted from multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers. To test our network latency, please feel free to ping one of our server’s IP addresses:,,

Where are your datacenters located?

Third Generation is currently located within the Phoenix NAP datacenter facility located in Phoenix, Arizona USA and the OVH Beauharnois datacenter in Montreal, Canada.

Who are your Tier 1 Bandwidth Providers?

Level 3, SAVVIS, NTT America, Equinix, Global Crossing, Qwest, Telefónica, Internap and Comcast

How often are server backups performed?

Data snapshots are performed every 12 hours. All data is backed to a separate geographical off-site location. Backups can also be performed individually by all customers through their hosting control panels.

What does it cost to restore a backup or a specific file?

We do not charge for file restorations or account restores at this time. But we do request that each individual customer maintain backup files of their own. This provides for a quicker level of restoration in some cases. Backups can be performed by all hosting customers through their hosting control panels.

What version of PHP do you currently support?

We currently support PHP 5.

What version of the MySQL engine do you currently support?

We currently support MySQL 5.

What version of Python Programming Language do you currently support?

We currently support Python version 2.4.3 and 2.6.8.